About this site

Greetings, Netizens!

My name is Will Smith and I am a full-time, husband and father and a part-time, bumbling idiot!

I currently live in Newington, Connecticut, with my wife and two children and I work in the insurance industry as a Senior Technical Admin Specialist - who comes up with these job titles?

What that really means is, I do whatever is needed of me in various Information Technology roles but my specialty is messaging security and administration on the Macintosh, Linux and Windows platforms.


Much of my day revolves around creating, editing, and following documented processes and in the interest of continuously becoming better at it, I’ve decided that part of this site will contain documentation about anything I find interesting or useful.

My blog

One of the other reasons I’m doing this is to hopefully have a creative outlet for my desire to write. I find that quickly jotting down my thoughts or opinions and then looking back on them, is often entertaining, even if downright confusing, at times. The blog section is for this sort of content.